NEW CONSTRUCTION! One home available 3 -Bedrooms, Brewster, MA 02631 Ready this summer!


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Offered at $189,000 with resale restriction for affordability 

Eligibility - Income and Asset Based Home Ownership. Eligible applicants are first time homebuyers who are able to obtain a loan to purchase the property. The type of loan must comply with the Deed Restriction. Household income must be at or below 80% of the Area Median Income of Barnstable County. Household assets must be no more than $75,000.

1 person - $51,250

2 people - 58,600

3 people - $65,900

4 people - $73,200


Adorable home for sale in South Yarmouth, MA 02664

Price: Offered at $188,115 with resale restrictions

Description: Two bedroom, one bath with garage


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"Ready to Buy" Application is Available

There are approximately 400 homes on Cape Cod that are affordable and carry a resale restriction which ensures continuing affordability.

When one of these homes is placed on the real estate market as a "resale," HAC is responsible for finding eligible buyers. An eligible buyer must be a first time home buyer (exceptions apply) and meet income and asset guidelines, and be qualified for a mortgage.

You could be placed on the Ready to Buy wait list by completing our application. It's easy! Just print and complete the application as instructed and visit a local lender to be pre-approved. The lender will review your income and expenses to determine what purchase price you may qualify for.


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You can also contact us to have the information and application sent to you.

Other Community Lottery Opportunties

Habitat for Humanity of Cape Cod has three affordable homes for sale in Dennis:


1 bedroom Cape style on 34 Janall Drive

2 bedroom Ranch on 30 Janall Drive

3 bedroom Cape style on 98 South Yarmouth Road


Eligibility: Eligible applicants must be at or below 60% - 65% of the Area Median Imcome (AMI) for Barnstable County.

1 bedroom - $115,500

2 bedroom - $131,750

3 bedroom - $147,500


Applications are open 3/1/18- 5/1/18

Please contact Habitat for Humanity of Cape Cod at 508-362-2559, or visit their site for more information.